Every day in the Gulf Coast region, thousands of pets and pet owners are desperate for help. It will take all of us working together to build a stronger community where pets and people thrive. 

Who are we?

We are a group of shelters, rescues, and other animal advocates mobilizing the community to improve the lives of Gulf Coast pets & people through strategic collaboration, advocacy, education, and resource-building.

Area animal shelters and rescue organizations are facing a daunting challenge as they are inundated with pets in need of care. The streets are filled with thousands of homeless animals struggling to survive without proper care, creating public health and safety risks. Meanwhile, pet owners are straining to meet the increasingly expensive costs of living, leading some to make the unthinkable choice of surrendering their beloved companions or leaving their needs unmet.

How can I help?

Despite the tireless efforts of animal advocates who have fought for years to improve the lives of pets and people in our region, recent developments have made this mission even more difficult. To address this growing problem, the animal welfare industry, businesses, and citizens must work together to share ideas and resources to find effective solutions to this community problem. 

Join the Gulf Coast Animal Welfare Alliance in creating a community where every pet is safe and free from suffering by getting involved and staying informed about how to support our efforts to help people and pets thrive in our region.  

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